Pasculli : Bel Canto

Oboe: Wanchen Hsieh / Panio: Kiai Nara
Data: October 2007 Distribution : Wind Music


Antonio Pasculli (1842-1924) was a famous, virtuoso oboist, and he was also a composer in Italy in the late 19th century. In his compositions, the oboe plays a role like a soprano, as it sings with the special Italian art “Bel Canto” in the opera. Since Pasculli expanded the many possibilities of virtuoso playing technique and a new character for the oboe, he was called “the Paganini of the oboe.” The young Taiwanese oboist, Wan Chen Hsieh, used the permanent breathing technique to give a new interpretation of Pasculli’s compositions. She is also the first Asian woman to win first prize at the International Handel Oboe Competition in Halle, Germany, when she won at the 7th annual competition. This album, “Bel Canto”, is Ms. Hsieh’s first classical recording, and it has won the prize for the “Best Classical CD” category for the Taiwanese 19th annual Golden Melody Awards. (which were held during the year 2008)


3. Gran Concerto su temi dall’opera I Vespri Sicilani di Verdi

4. Fantasia sull’opera Les Huguenots di Meyerbeer

6. Concerto sopra motivi dell’opera La Favorita di Donizetti